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  • Entrepreneurial Orientation in Supply Chain Partnerships – A Driving Force for Innovation

    Verfasst von boris am 10.08.2014

    Last week, my colleague Robin Pesch gave a presentation on the topic of entrepreneurial orientation and interorganisational learning at the 74th annual meeting of the Academy of Management in Philadelphia. It’s a joined work of Robin, me and our professor, Mrs. Bouncken.

    This paper investigates how a firm that is situated within a supply chain partnership can influence its performance in terms of new product superiority by being entrepreneurially orientated. Empirical results of 171 firms show that entrepreneurial orientation contributes positively to new product superiority. If firms can learn from their downstream supply chain partners, they can directly achieve increases in performance and further strengthen the positive influence of an entrepreneurial orientation on new product superiority. Surprisingly, the merits of entrepreneurial orientation on new product superiority decline under three conditions: greater technological uncertainty, increasing age of the firm, and low learning from supply chain partners.